This is the team with unlimited potential.

We are a group of young professionals who are passionate and committed to the crafts of filmmaking and video production. We dedicate our best efforts to each project we work on, and are ready to tackle any project that comes our way with a positive attitude and fierce determination. We do one thing, and one thing only – produce amazing video content.

Andrew Schear

Andrew started 5801 Productions by shooting weddings as a hobby while attending the University of Miami. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in film production in 2012, producing videos for both businesses and newlyweds has become his full-time job. In his spare time, he loves watching movies, eating lasagna, and geocaching.

Michelle Wilson

Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Meteorology from the University of Miami, and conducts climate change research in addition to her position with 5801 Productions. When she’s not busy with work, Michelle loves photography, baking, and checking the weather.

Greg Prinz

Gregory Prinz joined us right out of college where he received a bachelors degree in communication from Warner University. Videography and editing have always been some of Greg’s biggest passions and through school and an internship with 5801 Productions he was able to hone his skills. When he’s not editing videos he can be found playing volleyball or making people laugh. He dreams of one day becoming a Jedi knight so that he can better protect the universe from the dark side.

Gaby Spampinato

Gabriela decided to pursue a career in video and film production immediately after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in geological sciences and music from the University of Miami. A minor in motion pictures led to her exploring experiences on various film sets, and finally landing an internship at 5801. Gabriela also works part-time as a violin teacher, but in her remaining free time she may be making films, making music, or planning out the future of her farm that she will inevitably own.


Interested in taking your video production skills to the next level? We would love to get to know you! Contact us via the form below or on the contact page and indicate that you’re interested in a position or internship with our company. We’ll get back to you with details about any openings we have.

You know our team, now get to know our work.